If you want free SSL certficiate for your App Service - App Service Managed Certificate is finally here. Secure custom domains for your web apps with App Service Managed Certificates.

Let's first talk about limitaions

Requirements & Limitations

  • Currently in Preview (might have some bugs, although no bugs reported yet)
  • Only works for sub-domains. Naked (Apex) domains are not supported for now

Naked domains not supported

  • Can only be provisioned if an active CNAME is directly pointed to your webappname.azurewebsites domain (Live migrate DNS with awverify will not work)

hostname eligible for Managed App Service Certificate

  • Needs existing "Custom Domain" entry for the domain
  • Requires Basic or above App Service plan
  • Cannot be exported
  • Cannot be wilcard (*.domain.com)


Make sure that your CNAME pointing to the web app is there. While in your Web App go to TLS/SSL settings -> Private Key Certificates (.pfx) -> Create App Service Managed Certificate.

Create App Service Managed Certificate

Once the certificate is provisioned you will see it under Pricate Key Certficiates at the bottom of the page. You can now make bindings.

Managed Certificate ready

  • Certificate is issued by GeoTrust
  • Certificate is issued for 6 months

You can create your SSL bindings now and get the certificate up for your Web App

Managed Certificate

Another way of getting a free SSL - https://sslforfree.com